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Max and Santana.

Wedding; noun

  1.  a marriage ceremony usually with its accompanying festivities.

  2.  an act, process, or instance of joining in close association.

  3.  a wedding anniversary or its celebration —usually used in combination.


you are the hops to my barley.

The first wedding hosted at the Strange Roots Brewery in Gibsonia and one of my favorite weddings to date. Santana and Max are truly a couple made for each other, both wonderful, artsy, fun, sentimental, and the most welcoming people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Both work for the SRB so naturally they felt at home and that it made a perfect venue to say their "I do's".  After a bit of getting ready, with watches, custom painted shoes, cuff links, necklaces, pearls, rings, and the guests filling into the dinning area, we were ready to get started. Making sure to capture Max's reaction to his lovely bride coming down the isle, you could see the passion and love he had for her. I think the only one tearing up more was the officiant Kelly, who was in absolute bliss, for not only for seeing her best friends get married but being the one to got to wed them. After an exchange of vows and the first magic kiss under the tree she painted, with pups in toe, the guests cleared out to the massive back yard for a group photo, games and of course beer, while the bridal party had their photos captured in the brewing area in front of large wooden barrels making a perfect backdrop for these two beer lovers. After photos with friends and family and the newly weds, and some lovely speeches from the best man (Max's sister Mimi), the maid of honor (Santana's sister Shelby) and their respective fathers, we were able to start into the bride and groom's favorite part of the night. THE RECEPTION! These two most definitely know how to party, with excellent beer on tap courtesy of the SRB, wine from Copper Fox Winery, a mac and cheese bar, snacks, treats, and cakes, sandwiches all catered by Monica Kunkel at Aspinwall Everyday Gourmet and a killer DJ (Dave Stewart @Djdavefrompgh) playing all the right jams, it was truly a night everyone in attendance will never forget. The party lasted long into the night but the love memories and photos will last forever. My favorite bit as a photographer is getting to show the final images to the bride and groom and letting them relive that day, what made it better was that we did it over some of the best breakfast in Pittsburgh  at Pamela's Diner (Milvale) while nursing one of the worst hangovers of my life. Thank you again for letting me capture your perfect day, and thank you for being wonderful people. 

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