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Nate and emma.

Wedding; noun

  1.  a marriage ceremony usually with its accompanying festivities.

  2.  an act, process, or instance of joining in close association.

  3.  a wedding anniversary or its celebration —usually used in combination.


When you run alone, you run fast.

when you run together, you run far.

Nate and Emma are two of the most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, they are sweet, kind, and above all silly. Their care and compassion started at a young age and being high school sweethearts as they fell hard into love and even all these years later now with dogs and cats and moving halfway across the US but still these two still love like they just met. When I think of true unending love I think of Nate and Emma. Their wedding was one of my favorites when it came to the flow, everything went just right, all the ducks were in a row and it made for a truly wonderful day. With the guys meeting up at the groom's parents house, and the bridal party meeting at a local hair stylist. After some back and forth we all were able to head out to the church for the final prep and the show got underway. During the ceremony we were graced with speeches, prayers, laughs and a few tears.. but my focus was specific! I was to focus on Nate and his expression as Emma walked down the isle. Those photos were some my favorite from the day, you could see the well of emotions on Nate's face as he first set eyes on his gorgeous bride in an immaculate dress (every time I show someone these pictures they instantly say "I love her dress") and as Nate's brother/best man is looking over Nate's shoulder to catch his expression. Nate and Emma's family are all amazing people and it was a privilege to be able to help them record their wedding. (Shout out to Mr. Davis the best history teacher I've ever had.) After the "I do's" the kiss and a bubble send off it was time for the bridal party to take some photos down by the park. We got the traditional shots and some fun ones like the titanic, the jump for joy, a bug swat, and then while the party was deciding how they would be called into the reception(and what fun way they would enter) I snapped a few candid shots. Finally we headed to the KoC hall with DJ Todd heading the show we had games, speeches, delicious food, a football themed cake, all the traditional PA wedding bits, and naturally if you're from the NW side of PA you'll understand the clark's donuts. It was a truly perfect day. I hope I'll be around to capture the next big adventure you guys set out on. 

Venue: St. Stephen's Parish

Reception: Knights Of Columbus

DJ: DJ Todd



Donuts: Clark's Donuts

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